2017 Real Organized Blog Planner - Printed Version

2017 Real Organized Blog Planner - Printed Version

There is also a Digital/Printable version of this planner at a much lower cost. Just click here to see it

Have you always dreamed of being organized while growing your blog and attracting bigger sponsors or more money? But you feel stuck because you lack the organization and the ability to keep on track with your goals throughout the year?

Having blogged professionally for over 5 years and being an organized person, I love planners!

I've tried lots of blog planners over the years. There are some great printable planners out there for bloggers, but they all seem to be missing one element or another that you need when you are blogging professionally or trying to grow your blog and your income. 

I've spent the last year creating and re-working and trying and re-working pages to create the best editorial calendar, social media calendar and blog planner all in one and now it is available for you to use as well! Yay!

The Real Organized Blog Planner is perfect for bloggers who want to be organized and grow their blog by staying on track and focused throughout the year as well as celebrating those achievements throughout the year

The Real Organized Blog Planner has everything you need to successfully set goals and help you achieve them month after month while staying focused and organized in the process. 

Your Real Organized Blog Planner has some features you won't find in other blog planners, like a photography planner and shopping list for both posts and photography supplies. This is one way to take your photography to the next level, which will pay off in terms of growing both your following and your sponsors.

Staying organized, being focused and flexible is a necessity with your editorial and social calendars. That is all built right into the Real Organized Blog Planner.

The Planner has places to keep track of the pitches you make to brands and to keep track of the money that you are owed by brands.

There are even more features to this blog planner. Features you won't  see in other blog calendars.

I've packed a lot into this planner to help keep you on track and real organized while you blog and grow your audience and income. I've also included a few great bonuses for you!

So, picture this: Your photography has gone to the next level, your blog is growing, you are focused on the steps you need to take this month and this year to grow your blog, you have a focused plan for posts, and feel organized. You even have time for your family and life.

Say goodbye to disorganized, unfocused blogging.

The next step towards your dream blog is to get started using the Real Organized Printable Planner today.

Real Organized Blog Planner Includes:

  • Cover
  • 3 pages of stickers to make your calendar cute and mark your achievements through the year
  • Yearly goals
  • Page 2 of yearly goals for additional goals
  • Stats at a Glance for the year
  • Brand Pitches Tracking
  • Sponsored Post Income Tracking
  • Monthly Goals
  • Monthly Editorial Calendars
  • Weekly Social Medial Calendars
  • Photography Planner
  • Photography Posts & Props Shopping Lists
  • Notes
  • Side View Binder Label

Buy today and you will get the following BONUS materials!

  • 2016 Editorial Calendars (Oct., Nov., & Dec.)
  • Blog Series Planner (4 pages to help you plan and execute a successful series on your blog)
  • 4 pages of editable Weekly Social Medial Calendars

Printed version does not include a binder or tabs. Includes all pages printed in color as well as stickers printed on full sheet repositionable sticker paper. 

$ 29.95