Ultimate Road Trip Planner

Ultimate Road Trip Planner
Take it from me, taking an epic road trip takes a little bit of skill and a lot of planning.
I've taken 2 epic road trips with my 2 daughters. We have enjoyed them both and I know my planning along with being flexible while on the road helped make that happen.
I've taken all my experience of planning road trips and put it into this road trip planner. It has everything you need to have a successful trip whether by yourself or with your family. There isn't extra fluff in this planner, just the core of what you need to plan and execute a fun trip.
The only thing you need to do is make the tough choice of where you want to go. Then use this planner to help you map out the trip and keep up with important information as well as places you want to make sure you visit.
Let the road take you where it will and have fun with it!
The cover of this planner is customizable. You can print it as is or - To personalize your cover open the file in Adobe reader -
*Click on the editable area where you would like to type. Press CTRL + E (CMD +Eon a Mac) to show a Properties Bar. From there you can chose font style, size, and color.
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