Storage Organization System Combo Package

Storage Organization System Combo Package
Get both the Storage Organization and Holiday Storage Organization System in one package at a great price!
If you have stuff and holiday decorations in storage in your attic, garage or shed, this system is for you! 
There is no need for your attic or garage to be a jumbled mess of disorganization. 
With this combined organization system, you can organize all your stuff and know exactly what you have and where it is located. Easy peasy!
By using this system, you will be able to quickly and easily organize your stored items and your holiday decor, know exactly what you have and where they are stored. Saving you time and money in addition to the hassle of figuring out where that special item is located. 
The large labels that get affixed to your boxes, bags and bins, make it easy to see what is in each box. 
This system includes a printable color coded master sheet, detail graphic/color coded sheets and graphic/color coded label sheets, as well as an instruction sheet. 
The master sheet is designed to be the top sheet and contain a general overview of what you have for each area or season/holiday.
The printable detail sheets for each holiday are designed to be printed as many times as needed. Fill in one box on the detail sheet with the items placed in the box. Label the box with the same name and holiday label. 
When you are done, you have organized holiday decor and items. Making your next holiday season decorating a touch faster, easier and more organized!
$ 7.95